Our Past Presidents: 1999-2000: Mr. S. Sivalingam 2000-2001: Mr.S.Balasingam, 2001-2002:Mr.P.Pathmanathan 2002-2003: Mr.P.Pathmanathan 2003-2004: Mr . S . Piraisoody 2005-2006: Mr . S . K . Bales 2006-2007: Mr.M. Gnanendran 2007-2008: Mr.Jeyakumar T 2008-2009: Mr.P.Pathmanathan 2009-2010: Mr.Jeeva Gopalasingam 2010-2011: MS. J. Varatharajan 2011-2012: Mr. Jegan Pasupathy 2012-2013: Mr.Jeeva Gopalasingam 2013-2014: Mr. Jegan Pasupathy

President's Message

Dear Readers, People who have their origins rooted in Neervely and who are now permanent residents of Toronto, (Canada) realized the need for an Association in Canada to enhance the Welfare of our Neervely Schools and also here in Canada to avail a platform to indulge in recreational activities, cultural events etc. Accordingly with the joint initiative of Messrs.S.Kathirgamathamby,S.K Bales & K.Sivathasan decided to form an association. Subsequently Messrs S.Sivalingam, K.Sivathasan, K.Arunthavanathan & A.Mathithayan registered “The Neervely Welfare Association Ontario” in August 1999 and this was renamed by Messrs. S.Balasingham, J.Gopalasingam, P.Pathmanathan & Ms.J.Varatharajan in October 2008 as "Neervely Welfare Association Canada" with the concerned ministry of Ontario, Canada. The creation of this association was welcomed by almost all our members living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and abroad. Currently our association has about 165 members.

On behalf of our association, I wish to extend everyone especially to those who did yeoman service to promote the vitality of this association. Their active participation makes our association’s events always a success, especially our past events - Cultural event & Dinner, Family Day etc. Clocks do teach us a lot. They not only keep us right time, but they do much more. Their faces have a serenity and a stillness that is soothing. The most important lesson of all is that- their hands never go backwards. A reminder that we too, must move forward with serenity ,soothness and with confidence to face what lies ahead. Life is a short walk. There is only little time and so much to achieve. Let’s make the most of each day. Those who say a project “cannot be done”, should not interrupt those who are doing it. The tongue weighs practically nothing, but so few people can hold it. Never look down on anybody unless you’re helping them up. “Self respect is the noblest garment with which a person may clothe, the most elevating feeling with which the mind can be inspired”. As time changes the need for Constitutional changes will be an ingredient to the progress of the association.

We have an efficient team of Members elected as Directors of the Board to Administer the Neervely Welfare Association Canada. Our achievements and success so far are mainly due to the dedicated team work of our Directors, the active Members of our Association, Sponsors, all levels of Governments , Community Members and the Well Wishers. Our Association which conducts activities & programs to our members here in Canada & abroad at Neervely includes the following:
· Annual

  • Annual Family day
  • Annual Cultural Event & Dinner
  • Competitive Exam for Children
  • Assisting Educational programs to Neervely Schools Plans are also afoot for:
    • Spiritual Talks and Mediation – Presentation

About Neervely

Situated in Jaffna , in the northern part of SriLanka. From Jaffna is about seven miles along Jaffna – Point Pedro road. Its has boundaries

Siruppidy in the North, Kaithaddy in the East, Kopay in the South & Urumpirai, Uralu, Atchalu in the West

Schools: Attiar Hindu College & four other schools producing talented future generation.

Temples & Community Centers: For all.

Agriculture: Specially Banana,Paddy & other vegetables etc.

Industries: Building Connstruction, Wood & Metal works

In addition to the above, our association was instrumental in conducting exams to our members children at the Ontario Academy of Fine Arts & Honored them accordingly. The latter activity was conducted as an inspiration towards our children’s education.

"Long Live Neervely Welfare Association Canada"

Neervely Welfare Association Canada.